DMIT Test For Students

Age group of 11 years to 17 years is very important stage of life. At this stage more than 70% school going students face study problems. Dermatoglyohic Multiple Intelligence Test integrates more extreme and encourage growth as mind start ot concentrate and began to build good identity. Finding out best learning method at this age group can help you to improve IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, and SQ.

After this DMIT students can easily decide about what kind of classes one should take. Because this is the stage of life where students decide about their future. We also saw many people who changed their career path after very unsuccessful result. DMIT can help you to get exactly what you want with your life, which career your should choose.

Benefits of DMIT for students

1: It helps students to understand their intrensic potential
2: DMIT helps students to know which part of their brain work better left or right. Analyticcal side or Creative Side.
3: It helps Students to understand 9 Multiple Intelligence Distribution
4: Better understanding of Personal Quotients: IQ, EQ, CQ, and SQ.
5: Test helps students to understand better perspective of communication.
6: Comparision between left and right brain hemispheres.
7: It helps students on their career based upon their 9 multiple intelligence.
8: It also helps students to understand their strengthes and weaknesses based on their brain lobes.
9: Test will suggest and give valid report how students can improve their weakness.
10: DMIT help students about their preferred learning style. Visual Learning, Auditory Learning, and Kinesthetic Learning Style.

Why DMIT need to be done for Students?

  • Most of the students choose their academic stream subject based on their parents pressure. Not as per their inborn talent and intelligence.
  • Students do not follow the acutual method to study. DMIT will help them to find correct method.
  • Lack of actual method to study many student and parents find average marks and sometimes they unable to clear.
  • Many parents put hope on their child but sometimes they failed to satisy their’s parents desire.
  • Many parents are not happy wiht their child career. Parents are bothered for their children career
  • Students find very difficult to choose their career option after the completion of their study.
  • DMIT will help you to choose career option.
  • Realtionship compatibility is a serious problem in our community.
  • Misunderstanding and lack of compromise are now usual incident.
  • Many Students are victims of depression, stress, dissapointment, and confusion.
  • Parents and Students are not aware or well known about their inborn talents and skills.
  • Students choose wrong career sometimes and so they do not proceed according to strength.