DMIT Test for Children

DMIT Test for children is completely depend on parents. We first discuss with the parents and make sure they understand about the test. And we discuss Parenting Tips with them, because Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test for children based on important parenting tips. This test helps parents to understand the Inborn Potential, Intelligence level of their kids.

Not only that after the test we also give counselling session to the parents/ Gurdains. It helps them to understand the strengths of their kids. DMIT influence on creativity and analytically thinking from the left and right side of the brain. Bounding and relationship between kids and their parents also increased with the test.

Benefits of DMIT for Children

1: It helps you to understand your child’s inborn talents and potential.
2: Know your child’s innate ability.
3: It helps you to inderstand your child’s learning style.
4: Improves the relationship between parents and children.
5: Test helps you to understand right technique and style of parenting.
6: You can decide the acitvities for child after the test.
7: Test will help you to understand to gain the confidence of your children.

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Important Parenting Tips for your children

  • This test is for 3 to 10 years of age children.
  • During this time children minds develop by 80%.
  • Never compare your child with others’. Each kid has unique brain, skills, and potentials.
  • This age is the right time to enhance their power and skills.
  • Each child born with their unique ability. Gurdains and Teacher should recognize it.
  • This is the time of brian development. One should not put pressure or force child for particular task.
  • To help them to improve memory and grasping power, give importnace on creativity and different task.
  • Children can learn fast and easily if you teach them in the way which is their learning style.