DMIT Test For Career Guidance

Career Guidance Test is the Study of Multipile Intelligence. Multiple Intelligence Theory is invented by Dr. Howard Gardner. According to Howard Gardner’s theory human have various kinds of intelligence.

9 kinds of Intelligence

1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart)
2. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)
3. Musical Intelligence (Musical Smart)
4. Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)
5. Existential Intelligence (Phil Smart)
6. Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)
7. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)
8. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)
9. Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

We almost all have most of these intelligence. Some are better in certain intelligence than some others. You should know regarding this intelligence, so you could continue to acquire the ones you already very good at. And to be able to improve and and find some other Multiple Intellignce. These multiple intelligence can define the career personality test.

Benefits of Career Guidance

1: DMIT will help you to identify your core Multiple Intelligence
2: Test will help you to understand your natural talents and character traist.
3: DMIT Test will help you to identify most suitable career feild and leadership style for you.
4: Career Guidance Test will help you to know your work management style.
5: Muultiple Intelligence theory will help you to know about your suitable Department.
6: Introspective, Interactive, and Analytical Intelligence based on Mckenzie Theory.
7: Holland’s Theory can help you to understand suitable career for your personality type.
8: Identify your core competencies and develop according career guidance test.

Career Guidance Based on Multiple Intelligence

Visual Spatial Intelligence Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Naturalistic Intelligence
Career Option Career Option Career Option
  • Architects
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • And, Many more
  • Actors
  • Soldiers
  • Dancers
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Sports
  • And, Many more
  • Landscape Designer
  • Wildlife Photographers
  • Archeologist
  • Farmers
  • Bird Researchers
  • And, Many more
Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence Lingustic Intelligence Intrapersonal Intelligence
Career Option Career Option Career Option
  • Singer
  • Musicians
  • DJ
  • Music Teacher
  • ComMusic
  • And, Many more
  • Journalist
  • Trainers
  • Poets
  • Comedians
  • Teachers
  • And, Many more
  • Psychologist
  • Scientist
  • Counselor
  • Writers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And, Many more