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Frequently Asked Questions

How It Work

Step 1:

a. Scan’s Individual’s all finger tips(Left, Center and Right)

b. Total Scan  = 10*3 = 30 Scans

Step 2:

a. Compelling and Making Report

b. Analyzing The Report 

Step 3:

a. Counselling the Report with Parents/ Teacher / Guardians


Frequently Asked Question

Is This a Science?

Of Course, This is a Science. It is not only Science, but Scientifically Proven Science.

What exactly is Multiple Intelligence

Every Individual takes birth with almost 8 Intelligence. This is our birth-right to know all these. With this FINGER TIPS SCIENCE REPORT. We make you aware of the percentages of these Multiple Intelligences in you.

What actually is done in this?

Both hands’ all 10 finger tips are scanned through 3 angles totalling to 30 Scans. These scans are analysed and multiple pages authentic report is generated. This report is counselled face to face.

What is the Authencity of this report?

Authenticity is obvious. Millions of finger prints are scanned and then the conclusions were deicted. Based on these facts these reports are generated.

How accurate the report is?

It is more than 80% accurate.

Why only Finger Tips are Scanned?

Science has proved that finger tips are unique in nature and no two person’s finger tips are same all across the globe. These finger tips never change in life, finger tips are only body-parts suitable to study and explore.


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